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5 Podcasts that Brought Us Joy in 2022

This year has been a doozy. We witnessed the overturning of Roe V. Wade and contrary to popular opinion, we’re still actively trying to survive a pandemic. Somehow, we managed to find little pockets of joy for temporary – but necessary – relief from all the noise. Check out these Black and joyful podcasts that brought us comfort during 2022.

(5) The B.F.F. (Black, Fat, Femme) Podcast

Queer experiences, especially those of Black, fat queer folks, are often overlooked in mainstream media, but the iHeart Radio original, The B.F.F. Podcast seeks to change that with hosts Dr. Jon Paul and Jordan “Joho” Daniels. By giving voice to these two leading queer, fat and Black changemakers, the podcast allows for a nuanced discussion on marginalized experiences. The B.F.F. Podcast calls on the world to examine and understand what it means to love oneself unapologetically — in a world where loving oneself often feels impossible. Listening to each episode feels like catching up with your best friend.

(4) A Little Juju Podcast

‘All you need is a little juju,’ literally. Juju Bae, self-proclaimed cunty-conjurer, hoodoo and artist is dropping all the gems on how to reclaim your ancestral roots. If you’ve been curious about Black spiritual traditions or how to build an ancestral altar, A Little Juju podcast is a great place to start!


Sometimes you can love something and it not love you back — you’re a fan but also have some ANTI- feelings toward it. And the FANTI podcast understands that nuance by looking at things we’re a fan of through a critical lens. Co-hosts Tre’vell Anderson and Jarrett Hill bring listeners laughs, thought-provoking banter on pop culture, politics and everything trending in your feed. They articulate nuance and gray areas in society in a digestible way that make listeners think deeper about why something may not sit well with them. FANTI brings weekly joy by providing a space to own those gray areas and be okay with how they make you feel. A distinctly human approach to analysis.

(2) Therapy for Black Girls

A good therapist is hard to find, but especially one with the cultural knowledge to support Black women and femmes. Whether you need advice on combating imposter syndrome or the tools to develop healthy relationship boundaries, Therapy for Black Girls will not disappoint! Dr. Joy Harden Bradford’s weekly conversations with esteemed guests will help you jump start your journey towards emotional, spiritual and physical wellness.

(1) The Read

If you crave a mental break from the chaos of this world, then look no further because The Read is just the distraction you need. Hosts Crissle and Kid Fury provide much needed laughter as we navigate all the -isms of living in this country while Black. From throwing well-deserved shade at your favorite celebrity to giving bluntly hilarious advice on why you need to leave your man, The Read is the Black Queer joy you’ve been looking for.

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Danielle Buckingham

Danielle Buckingham

Danielle Buckingham (she/her), affectionately known as Dani Bee, is Reckon’s Black Joy Reporter, and a Chicago-born, Mississippi-raised writer based in Oxford, Mississippi. A 2021 Lambda Literary fellow, her work has been published in MadameNoire, Midnight & Indigo Literary Magazine, Raising Mothers, and elsewhere.

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