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“Card of the Month” – a new Tarot series to guide you through the month to come

“Card of the Month” is our new Tarot series. Each month we will pull and interpret a card to give us guidance on our current moment and the month ahead.

Black RE:SET was all about finding joy and freedom through self-care and spirituality. So, it’s fitting that the first card of our new Tarot series is The High Priestess. This card is about spiritual awareness and intuition.

Let’s be honest, things are heavy right now. And I personally can’t get Tyre Nichols off my mind. Dealing with this kind of persistent grief can make taking care of ourselves, let alone finding joy, difficult. Grief can make you feel empty and disconnected from your body. And often leads to searching for relief in the wrong places.

When I pulled this card for February, I was thinking a lot about what it means to be well, and then how exactly can I “get well” given the circumstances of being Black in this country.

I think the High Priestess is calling us to go within ourselves to access the spiritual knowledge needed to support our healing. Part of that knowledge is becoming intuitive about what does and doesn’t deserve space in your life. This can only happen when we trust ourselves, and our ability to find joy, in spite of our collective grief.

For Black History month, let’s remember that radical joy has always been a part of our legacy.

My recommendations for embodying The High Priestess as we go into a new month is to find ways to feel alive in your body. This can be through meditation, yoga, or listening to your favorite music (check out our RE:SET playlist).

I personally seek out podcasts that make me laugh, listen to audiobooks that immerse me in another world and go outside just to breath in some fresh air, even if just for a few minutes.

I hope you find what works for you ✨

Danielle Buckingham

Danielle Buckingham

Danielle Buckingham (she/her), affectionately known as Dani Bee, is Reckon’s Black Joy Reporter, and a Chicago-born, Mississippi-raised writer based in Oxford, Mississippi. A 2021 Lambda Literary fellow, her work has been published in MadameNoire, Midnight & Indigo Literary Magazine, Raising Mothers, and elsewhere.

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