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Welcome to Black RE:SET: Pause and realign your vision

Life is an ever evolving journey. One that requires us to engage in our greatest adventure: embracing our authentic selves.

There are many circumstances that can throw off our inner compass of self-discovery. Racial inequities, past and present traumas, the illusions of life goals flooding our social media, isolation from community, other’s expectations, capitalism and sexism are just a few of those stumbling blocks. We at Black Joy want to help you realign. Welcome to Black RE:SET.

Starting today until the end of January, we’ll be presenting you with stories and social media content centering Black spirituality, wellness and of course, invigorating joy. Theologians, astrologists and tarot readers talked to us about how they escaped the judgment of religious institutions and architectured their own foundation of faith. We’ll highlight how you can put yourself first and decompress from the day. For those looking for community, sign up for our special virtual workshop on January 28th with Ancestors in Training founder Veronica Agard who will help us tap into our ancestral knowledge as we build a better life for ourselves.

Bookmark this page so you can stay in the know of what’s to come for Black RE:SET. Even after this month is over, you can revisit this space whenever you feel shackled by life and need help finding liberation. Always remember this truth: You are worthy of love, care and community no matter what anyone tells you or where you are on your journey:

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Jonece Starr Dunigan

Jonece Starr Dunigan |

Jonece Starr Dunigan (She/her/hers) is a journalist who gives the microphone to communities that are often ignored by mainstream media. Guided by empathy, her reporting centers the stories, movement work and voices of Black, brown and queer people. Her writing strives to amplify and empower readers instead of exploiting them of their traumas.

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