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“Card of the Month” - It’s time to shed your cocoon, beloved

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really feel grounded in the new year until spring.

In fact, most of us aren’t fully awake from the slump of winter until all the trees, wildflowers and pesky insects wake up from their hibernation. As I was sitting outside a coffee shop, meditating on today’s card pull, a yellow jacket landed on top of my table, just to annoy me, I guess, but also a subtle message from Mother Nature that a new dawn is near.

Before I get into my interpretation, a special shout out to our Black Joy editor, Minda Honey, for doing our “look ahead” tarot pull for March 2023 from the Dust II Onyx deck.

Let me just say, I was completely unsurprised when Minda pulled the Death card, but I do have some thoughts about it being reversed.

The Death card is typically about shedding old skin. It is a sort of reemergence from a cocoon, hopefully into a better and more courageous version of yourself.

Now, some tarot readers are completely against (or indifferent to) card reversal interpretations. For me, I interpret cards the same whether upright or reversed initially, but I do think when it’s reversed there’s an added layer. From my own experience of pulling the Death card reversed in a personal reading, it usually indicates resistance.

Change is hard. A lot of folks, myself included, are afraid of who they might become on the other side of it, and what they will simultaneously lose on account of that change.

I won’t sugar coat it…You will absolutely lose something. You will absolutely grieve that, but this is not a bad thing. You are changing, but you cannot change carrying around the old baggage. In the words of Erykah Badu: Bag lady, you gon’ miss your bus, you can’t hurry up ‘cause you got too much stuff.

Wherever you’re trying to go or elevate to, you can’t get there with all those bags, beloved. You have to let them go. And yes, you can be sad about it. You can cry and have all the feelings. But please understand, that loss is a gift. It’s an opportunity to bloom alongside the trees and the flowers around you this Spring.

Drop them bags and go catch that bus to your blessings!

Danielle Buckingham

Danielle Buckingham

Danielle Buckingham (she/her), affectionately known as Dani Bee, is Reckon’s Black Joy Reporter, and a Chicago-born, Mississippi-raised writer based in Oxford, Mississippi. A 2021 Lambda Literary fellow, her work has been published in MadameNoire, Midnight & Indigo Literary Magazine, Raising Mothers, and elsewhere.

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