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April “Card of the Month” — Does your cup runneth over?

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Lately, I’ve been feeling creatively empty. Like I should be doing more, but I can’t. Or at least I was starting to believe I can’t.

Funny enough, I saw a post on Instagram that mentioned something about artists needing time to do nothing, that doing nothing was both enough and necessary. And that’s all fun and good, but sometimes doing SOMETHING also feels nice.

The Page of Cups is typically thought of as a messenger card, bringer of good news. It depicts a person in a sort of child-like stance, holding a fish in a cup. Behind them there appears to be a river. Symbolically a lot is happening in this card.

The element for Cups is water. We know that water represents our inner-world—spirituality, intuition, dreaming. In the image, the figure seems to make eye contact with the fish in their cup, as if they’re happy to see it. Maybe they are.

All of this to me says, April is bringing forth answers to questions or desires that you currently feel deprived of. Maybe you’ll finally hear back from that school or that job or that person you’re crushing on.

Maybe I and other writers and artists dealing with creative blocks will finally get the boost we need to continue or finish a project we’ve been putting off.

April really is giving: we all have something to look forward to. But will you be open to it?

That is also coming through for me, will WE be open to it? One thing that the cards have taught me over the years is that sometimes what you think you’re waiting on shows up as something you weren’t expecting at all. But in the case of the Page of Cups, this is not a bad thing. In fact, you may realize the universe did you favor.

So, cheers to all the good news and abundance coming your way!

Danielle Buckingham

Danielle Buckingham

Danielle Buckingham (she/her), affectionately known as Dani Bee, is Reckon’s Black Joy Reporter, and a Chicago-born, Mississippi-raised writer based in Oxford, Mississippi. A 2021 Lambda Literary fellow, her work has been published in MadameNoire, Midnight & Indigo Literary Magazine, Raising Mothers, and elsewhere.

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