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Bee positive – buzz with joy | Black Joy – March 10 2023

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Y’all ready for the turn up? 🎉

Ya girl’s birthday is Tuesday (Yes, my birthday is on Pi Day for all the math folks in our family lol). These knees ain’t pop-lock-and-droppin’ like they used to, now. But I’m still gonna celebrate being 31 years young.

Like a lot of folks, I spent part of my 20s working through the fearful talk I heard about your 30s. Some folks were talking like you just had 30 years to have it all figured out: the house, the finances, the career (cause we gotta get on that Forbes 30 under 30 list, right!?), kids and husband.

I’m glad I unintentionally didn’t listen to societal norms to rush through life. I did try though, and all I’m gonna say is I’m glad the Universe did not listen to 21-year-old Starr’s dreams. Not only are they not exactly the same dreams I have now (apparently, I didn’t dream big enough!), but I truly would have stunted my growth if I’d gotten what I wanted back then.

While I still have some more mileage to go in my 30th decade, it’s safe to say that this is shaping up to be the brightest time of my life. So, share this newsletter with your friends and fam as I thank all of you for joining this journey with me by dropping another dose of Black Joy in your inboxes.

Cheers to another year! 🥂

— Starr

Don’t Worry. Bee positive!

The universe is buzzing with opportunities for 16-year-old award-winning entrepreneur Keith Griffith III.

He’s the mastermind behind Beeing2gether in Louisville, KY. It’s a beekeeping business that does more than sweeten your day by selling golden local honey. He’s built a community-centered business model where everyone wins. He helps the environment by speaking at elementary schools and local colleges about the importance of the endangered honey bee. Check out this video of how he helped preserve the bees by installing hives on two rooftops in Louisville last year.

He owns nine hives, but he doesn’t keep the secrets of his skills to himself. He teaches his community how to become their own beekeepers. When a gentleman recently spotted a swarm of bees on his front porch, Keith gave the man a box, known as a nuc, to start his own hive. Keith and his family also help people install hives in their own backyards. Keith won’t leave you hanging when the hive is set up. He’ll make sure to stop by and check in on folks and their new buzzing neighbors.

“We actually have somebody who showed us his own honey,” Keith said. “He has his own little jar and label that he gives to family and friends…It’s a pretty cool experience, and I would like my business to be interactive with the community.”

Since starting at business at just 12 years old, Keith has been catching a lot of eyes….and awards. He bagged a grant and won the Prize Achievement Award from the Kurt Giessler Foundation for Youth Achievement in 2021. He scored a trip to Washington D.C. after the U.S. Chamber of Commerce tapped him as the 2022 National Young Entrepreneur Of The Year. More than 3,000 students applied for the award nationwide.

Keith’s accolades have earned him a lot of street cred. His athletic coaches call him “bee boy” or “beekeeper.” His cousin refers to him as the GOAT of the family, a title Keith claims humbly. He’s more focused on building an empowering legacy for his family and community.

“I just want to inspire people that you can do anything no matter what age you are, no matter what point of life you’re in,” he said.

Head to our site to read about how Keith brought positivity to Louisville in its season of mourning.

Lace up your walking shoes with GirlTrek to celebrate Harriet Tubman Day!

Today is Harriet Tubman Day! In celebration, Black Joy Reporter Danielle Buckingham spoke with GirlTrek about their annual Harriet House Parties and how folks can support the GirlTrek Movement.

Founded in 2010 by T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison, GirlTrek is a public health campaign devoted to transforming the lives of Black women through activism, community, and walking. Now a million members strong, GirlTrek “mobilizes community members to support advocacy efforts” and hosts Black history themed health events.

One such event is their Harriet House Parties to commemorate Harriet Tubman Day, which was enacted as a nationally recognized holiday in 1990. On March 10th, Black women around the world will gather in their homes, with loved ones to reflect on their health, set goals, and hold one another accountable.

“I know for me personally, I want women to feel secure and safe in their own bodies,” Hailey Darby said. “I want them to have a vision for what health looks like for them because I know so often, you’re like, I know this is what the world says health is supposed to be, but what is it for me? Am I capable [of] these things?”

“So, I just want women to know that they have a path forward that is for them and that they don’t have to do it alone…they can do it with sisters by their side,” she continued. “I also want them to gain a sense of hope for Black women’s health…what does it look like to be joyfully healthy and not walking based in fear but walking based in faith?”

Read the full article on our website. And keep an eye on our Instagram stories to follow along as Black Joy editor Minda Honey attends the Harriet House Party in Seattle.

Sweeten someone’s day by spreading the Black joy! See ya’ next time!

Jonece Starr Dunigan

Jonece Starr Dunigan |

Jonece Starr Dunigan (She/her/hers) is a journalist who gives the microphone to communities that are often ignored by mainstream media. Guided by empathy, her reporting centers the stories, movement work and voices of Black, brown and queer people. Her writing strives to amplify and empower readers instead of exploiting them of their traumas.

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