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May “Card of the Month” — Mother of Coins

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Are y’all ready for the overflow?

I pulled the mother of coins card for the month of May, and I felt chills as I thought about the abundance that is to come for not just yourself, but also for entire village of the Black community. The coins suit represents wealth, security, career, resources, nature and home. Since this card is about the mother figure, I’m getting a sense that our higher power, our ancestors, the universe are all nurturing things for our collective good. It’s giving generational wealth in multiple forms — from financial wealth, spiritual wealth, career wealth, wealth in our connections with each other. It’s giving abundance everywhere! The fact that Mother’s Day happens in May amplifies this energy.

I think this is good news considering we are in the throes of Mercury retrograde and we are heading into a Scorpio full moon paired with another lunar eclipse. I don’t know about y’all, but that last eclipse we just experience during the new moon in Taurus, had me feeling heavy. But according to Black astrologist and numerologist Jonathan Louis Dent, moments like these that trigger our emotional wounds, lead to our healing.

For this collective reading, I used the Black Tarot: An Ancestral Awakening deck created by author Nyasha Williams and illustrated by Kimishka Naidoo. The imagery used for the Mother of Coins card is of a Black woman beekeeper holding a comb filled with golden honey. Bees work separately as they gather resources during their own journeys, but they collect these resources with the larger collective of the beehive in mind. I think this shows the importance of a village. We may not know each other. Our life paths may not cross, but the resources we are gathering in wealth, health, and of course joy, is going to benefit us all.

“The card reminds you to sow gratitude for all forms of opulence,” The Black Tarot guidebook advises us. “Knowledge and health are riches she honors as generational wealth.”

Spread the Black joy by showing gratitude to someone or something that brings you happiness today, yesterday and tomorrow.

I used the Black Tarot: An Ancestral Awakening deck created

while using the Black Tarot: An Ancestral

Jonece Starr Dunigan

Jonece Starr Dunigan |

Jonece Starr Dunigan (She/her/hers) is a journalist who gives the microphone to communities that are often ignored by mainstream media. Guided by empathy, her reporting centers the stories, movement work and voices of Black, brown and queer people. Her writing strives to amplify and empower readers instead of exploiting them of their traumas.

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