Don’t mess with Texas abortion funds — Honey by Reckon Issue #17

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Hey y’all,

It’s been a whirlwind week, my friends. And it just isn’t stopping.

I’ll jump right into it. The most restrictive abortion ban in the country went into effect in Texas on Wednesday. I asked y’all on Twitter and Instagram what y’all wanted to know about it and I curated this newsletter to answer them. You mostly wanted to know how you can help. The abortion advocates in Texas said donate here. 

I talked to the abortion funds who have always, and will continue to fill in the healthcare access gaps. I also highlighted a few stories from around the internet I think y’all’d find most helpful.

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Texas abortion funds continue to fill in healthcare gaps amid state’s ban

Don’t mess with Texas abortion funds.

Abortion funds in the South have always been the ones minding the gap between pregnant people and their federally mandated right to an abortion. A state ban, even the first of its kind, won’t stop them, they say.

Case in point: With Texas banning nearly all abortions this week, abortion funds are doing all they can to make sure patients get the healthcare they need.

At Whole Women’s Health in Fort Worth, medical staff worked until the last minute late Tuesday night—with anti-abortion protesters outside shining spotlights on the clinic and shouting through megaphones—to provide as many abortions as possible before it became illegal. At midnight, Texas’ Senate Bill 8 went into effect, banning all abortions after six weeks gestation.

Cristina Parker, communications director for the Lilith Fund, a Texas-based abortion fund, said they are helping patients seeking abortions travel out of state for care.

“For decades we have been helping people access care in a state that was already really hard to get an abortion,” Parker said. “We are here and we may be able to help.”

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The Junk Drawer

I’ve spent the last 48 hours reading everything there was to read on the Texas abortion ban. So, the junk drawer this week is less pens with mismatched caps and flashlight with no batteries, and more the exact three things you’ve been looking for all week, placed in a spot you will surely remember.

Here’s the logistics. What this law does and what we can expect to happen next at the Supreme Court level: What the Texas abortion ban does — and what it means for other states (NPR)

This piece from The 19th* is a hard, but necessary look at the unflinching reality of the current state of abortion access: 67 abortions in 17 hours: Inside a Texas clinic’s race to beat new six-week abortion ban (The 19th*)

And here’s the reality. Needabortion.org is a resource Texas abortion funds are linking to for those seeking abortion care in Texas. It answers the question “how?” (Needabortion.org)


Thanks for hanging in there with me this week. It’s a tough topic, but if we don’t talk about it together—and I mean talk, not whisper—I promise you men in your state house will.

Here’s a very specific millennial internet story: The Demise of the #GirlBoss, as a palate cleanser to hold you over if you will.

That’s all I’ve got for today.


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