Give the gift of reproductive justice

It’s been a hell of a year for reproductive rights in this country. We lost the right to abortion as defined in the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling. At least 12 states (as of this writing, it’s constantly changing) have banned abortion outright. Others have made that care significantly harder to access.

All of this, of course, is in addition to the disparities that already existed. What I mean to say is: there’s never been a better time to support those who are fighting to help others access abortion care. As Reckon’s reproductive justice reporter, I live and breathe this stuff, so here are some ideas for the feminist on your list who wants better for our country. (Oh, and if any of my family and friends are reading this, well, I’ll take any of these.)

Support Your Local Abortion Fund

We’re all about investing in our communities, especially for those of us who live in states where abortion is banned or severely limited. I live in Tennessee, where abortion is banned, and my local funds are Abortion Care Tennessee, Mountain Access Brigade, and CHOICES Patient Fund. SisterReach, too, in Memphis, does incredible reproductive justice work, and they’re currently expanding into Illinois to help pregnant people in hostile states like Tennessee travel to get care. As a Southerner with roots in Mississippi, I’m also a big fan of ARC (Access Reproductive Care)-Southeast and the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund. Shout-out also to the Yellowhammer Fund and the West Alabama Women’s Center, which just kicked off a campaign to raise money to prevent cervical cancer by providing Gardasil vaccines. We also love the Carolina Abortion Fund, the Red River Women’s Clinic in Minnesota, the Kentucky Health Justice Network, the New Orleans Abortion Fund, Frontera Fund in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, and so many, many others.

Use this guide from the National Network of Abortion Funds to find one near you.

Or Think Nationally

You can always support abortion rights at a national level, depending on your intent. Fund abortion care and travel directly through the National Network of Abortion Funds, SisterSong, or Indigenous Women Rising, to name a few. Support fundamental research about abortion—who can and cannot access care, and why—through the Guttmacher Institute. Help destigmatize abortion by funding abortion storytelling through We Testify. We love a donation in a loved one’s name—whether it’s your die-hard pro-abortion niece or your anti-choice uncle.

Stuff and Things

Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, perhaps known best for its role as plaintiff in two Supreme Court cases over abortion access in the last decade, has some cute merch for sale. The 2022/1973 T-shirt is my personal favorite, but the T-shirt and tote bags with the list of SCOTUS cases also caught my eye.

Reductress, everyone’s favorite feminist satire site, has a mug that says, “Don’t Talk to Me Until I’ve Had My Abortion,” and 10 percent of sales go to ARC-Southeast. It’s the best part of waking up. Or it could be, for someone on your list who loves coffee and reproductive rights.

This bergamot rose jasmine candle from New Orleans boutique Goods That Matter says precisely what’s been on our minds since this summer. Fuck This Shit. Fifty percent of proceeds go to the National Network of Abortion Funds.

Speaking of NNAF, they have some great merch too, like this black T-shirt that features an illustration of dandelions (dandelion root has been used to support self-managed abortions).

Maternity shopping site Hatch has the perfect ball cap to keep the sun off your face AND 100 percent of proceeds go to the Center for Reproductive Rights.

I’m currently a little obsessed with this stripey 1973 shirt that has major French girl vibes and funds reproductive health policy work via the National Institute for Reproductive Health.

This kelly-green bandana nods to the Latin American abortion rights movement while calling the United States to action, saying, “All Bodies, One Voice, One Voice, All Bodies.”

Some beauty brands are stepping up to support reproductive justice by donating proceeds from sales to SisterSong—I personally recommend this highlighter from Saie and Dieux Skin’s Instant Angel moisturizers.

Becca Andrews

Becca Andrews | bandrews@reckonmedia.com

Becca Andrews is a reporter at Reckon News and the author of "No Choice: The Destruction of Roe v. Wade and the Fight to Protect a Fundamental American Right."

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