So you’re vaccinated. What will you do next?

As the COVID-19 vaccination becomes more readily available to Southerners, more questions arise.

We asked our Reckon followers about their plans after getting their vaccines, and the responses were varied. Southern states have received the lowest number of vaccinations so far. In Georgia, only 9.8% of residents have received their first vaccination, the lowest percentage in the country. Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi sit between 10-11% vaccination rate, according to NPR. 

Once Southerners receive that second vaccination, will they visit family? Go on vacations? Eat out more? How will life change for Southerners once they are vaccinated?

We polled our audience to find out what Reckoners were thinking. Here’s what they said on Instagram:

  • Out of 380 votes, 84% of respondents said they would visit family after getting the vaccination.
  • Out of 471 votes, 97% of respondents said they would continue wearing a mask in public after getting the vaccination.
  • Out of 440 votes, 68% of respondents said they would go out in public more after getting their vaccination. This poll was Reckon’s most divided.

In addition to polling our audience, some Reckoners opened up and explained their position on life after the vaccine.

Here are a few responses gathered from Reckon’s Facebook and Twitter:

  • “Three weeks after my second dose, I will probably visit my family, who have already had covid. I will still wear a mask in public and at work.” @MidtownBrown68
  • “I won’t be changing my behavior significantly until I have reasonable assurances that my vaccination protects not only me but also those around me who haven’t yet been vaccinated.”                –@JohnRHornbuckle
  • “We visited my in-laws for the first time on Sunday, but everyone still wore masks.” – Melanie Boyle Sims
  • “Only one shot so far, but until vaccinations are more prevalent, I am interacting with people the same way. Social distancing. Wearing a mask.” –Douglas Bridges
  • “Hanging like I haven’t had my 2 Phizer shots because they haven’t even had their first. (I’m abt 3 weeks post 2nd shot.) And even then, we’ll all still be careful until given the all-clear.” – Jana Arnston
  • “We get our second shot soon, but we will still wear masks and wash our hands a lot.” –Susan McKenzie Gailes

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