Arekia Bennett: Reading, watching, listening on voter suppression

Right now, the situation in Georgia involving a freshly signed set of new voting restrictions, Gov. Brian Kemp, the Atlanta Braves, Major League Baseball and Stacey Abrams and other ballot-access advocates has all the dramatic tension of one of The Sandlot gang smacking a baseball into Hercules’ domain. 

The fate of the Georgia law, which outlaws the distribution of food and water to voters among making other provisions, remains to be seen. Voting rights activists all over are scrambling like Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez facing off against The Beast, preparing for the possible litigation and likelihood that the Georgia law is just the first in a tidal wave of similar laws across America.

One of those activists is Arekia Bennett, the executive director of Mississippi Votes, a millennial-led education and advocacy organization based in Jackson, the state capital. 

Reckon asked Bennett to share some resources she’s following about combating voter suppression and boosting engagement in her native Mississippi and across the South. 

What Arekia’s reading

 What Arekia’s watching

  • “One Night in Miami,” Regina King’s film depicting civil rights legends discussing their respective roles in the Civil Rights Movement 

What Arekia’s listening to 

  • The Ordinary Equality podcast and “The Long Southern Strategy” episode. She gives a special shout out to the episode featuring Felicia Brown Williams, Planned Parenthood Mississippi state director

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