Read/Watch/Listen: Mississippi ACLU’s new LGBTQ-justice project leader McKenna Raney

Attorney McKenna Raney-Gray will lead the brand-new LGBTQ Justice Project, a free legal clinic at the ACLU of Mississippi that will offer services to LGBTQ-identifying people on issues including family law, civil rights and employment discrimination. 

Raney-Gray shared with Reckon what she’s currently reading, watching and listening to on LGBTQ issues and culture.  


“Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us” by Kate Bornstein.
“I love that the book contains their full text of their comedy play ‘Hidden: A Gender’ which I otherwise would have missed out on. Bornstein’s voice acting in the audiobook is thoroughly entertaining.” 

“The Deviant’s War: The Homosexual vs. the United States of America” by Eric Cervini.
“(The book) provides an earlier jumping-off point for gay rights than Stonewall by chronicling Frank Kameny’s journey pursuing an employment discrimination lawsuit in the 1950s.” 


“Pose” on Netflix
“Learning about the ballroom scene has been fascinating and visually breathtaking.”

“Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen”
“I also found the documentary to be really enriching and it showed me that many of the negative trans tropes I’d witnessed in Hollywood have been stereotypes for longer than I’d realized.” 

The Olympics:
“With record numbers of LGBTQ people competing, I kept my eye on many athletes at the Olympics (Laurel Hubbard, Caster Semenya, Alexis Sablone, Tom Daley) and Paralympics (Robyn Lambird, David Lee Pearson, Monique Matthews).  

“9 Months with Courtney Cox” on Facebook Watch
“(The show) showed such a strong trans and nonbinary couple, and it was heartwarming to see a single mom lean on her ex-girlfriend when her birth partner was unavailable.” 


“I love podcasts, so I regularly listen to ‘LGBTQ&A’ for fantastic interviews, and ‘One From the Vaults’ for trans history, and recently got into ‘Queer Sex Ed,’ which is a deep dive in gender and sexuality. I also really enjoyed the episode of ‘A Slight Change of Plans’ interviewing Morgan Givens about his transition and what it means to live as a Black man in America.” 

“Like many others, I’ve recently gotten into Lil Nas X and I’m especially impressed by his range, since I love both ‘Montero’ and ‘Old Town Road.’ ‘Bad at Love’ by Halsey is a great bi anthem that I still find myself listening to regularly. Their book coming out has reminded me to revisit some Tegan and Sara, like ‘Closer.’” 

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