Abortion laws: A state-by-state breakdown

The map was originally produced by The Fuller Project, a nonprofit newsroom that produces enterprise and investigative journalism about women, especially those who are underserved, under-represented and marginalized. 

The South is no stranger to anti-abortion legislation. But this year, it’s different. Texas succeeded in banning nearly all abortions after six weeks of gestation, the first time since Roe V. Wade. This week the Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments from abortion providers in the state based on the ban’s unconstitutionality.

In many southern states, abortion access is patchworked together through non-profit abortion funds. After the ban in Texas went into effect, abortion funds took the lead in finding clinics outside the state for patients to travel to. Other funds across the South already do this in states such as Alabama and West Virginia, with just three and one abortion clinics respectively.

The Fuller Project put together a map that includes abortion restrictions in each state including TRAP laws (Targeted Restrictions of Abortion Providers,) abortion bans at any point during a pregnancy and insurance restrictions. Hover over each state to view its abortion restrictions.

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