Building, organizing, innovating: The 2022 Reckon List

They say it’s starting to feel like early 2020 all over again. Think about it.

The SEC holds the national football championship. 

We’re all waiting by the mailbox for an important delivery from Uncle Sam (another $1,200 check would have been nice, but I guess we’ll also take free COVID home tests for public health and all). 

Meanwhile, Omarion (née the Omicron variant) is making outside look less and less appealing, the workforce is shedding workers and weary voters are staring at another obstacle course of voting suppression ahead of an important national election.

If the pandemic has shown us anything in the past two years, it’s the importance of finding and loving on our folks — in community and through works. Every year, our team works with our audience to find and elevate Southerners who are going against the grain, investing in their communities to create a better South.

As much as the people on the list deserve their flowers, this isn’t about hero worship and tokenizing. In fact, the people featured in these stories we’ll publish over the next few days will be the first to tell you that they’re part of rich legacies and communities that forged paths and continue lifting them up. 

We created this year’s list from your suggestions, but we know there are legions of Southerners who are organizing, building and innovating. We want to know them, so feel free to introduce us by tagging them @ReckonSouth on Instagram and Twitter. 

We’ll update this page with each new Reckon List feature.

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