Reckon is hiring more editors, reporters and social media roles for our national newsroom

Are you tired of working in newsrooms where you can’t bring your full self to your work?

At Reckon, the lived experiences of our journalists are an asset to our workplace and to our news coverage, which centers those often excluded from traditional media conversations.

And our team is (still) growing.

Reckon is adding journalists to help further our mission of covering people powering change in America, the challenges shaping our time, and what it means for all of us. You’ll be joining a team spread out across the U.S. We are especially interested in talking to more candidates who live between the coasts and know the stories that will have the group and timeline poppin’.

We’re adding a Perspectives and Partnerships Editor, Daily News Editor, two (2!!!) Daily News/Trending Reporters, LGBTQ Communities Reporter and TikTok Producer.

If you think you’re qualified but don’t check all the boxes, consider applying anyway. Read more about the jobs and apply here:

Reckon believes we can best report on our nation — not by observing it from the sidelines — but by living in it day by day. Born out of the South and grounded in communities who have been marginalized, underestimated, and undervalued, we live our nation’s issues up close and intimately. We aim to hold up a fuller and more accurate mirror of the lived experiences in this country so that we can all better understand the challenges we face and feel equipped to decide how we wish to move forward.

That’s why people are at the center of our stories on climate justice, reproductive rights, faith and purity culture, working mothers and families, trans rights, Blackness, racial justice, movements, queer issues and more.

Find our work on our website, social media and by subscribing to newsletters like Honey and Black Joy. Listen to our award-winning podcasts, including The Reckon Interview and Unjustifiable, or watch our short documentaries, including Mauled and Pulled Over/Pulled Under.   

Our journalists and their work have garnered major awards, including multiple Emmys, a national Edward R. Murrow Award and a Pulitzer Prize.   

Reckon is owned by Advance, owners of Advance Local and Conde’ Nast; and shareholders in Reddit, Warner Bros. Discovery and Charter Communications.

Check us out.

R.L. Nave |

Ryan "R.L." Nave is Reckon's editor-in-chief. He has been a journalist in St. Louis, Mo; Springfield, Ill.; Seattle, Wa; Boulder, Co.; Jackson, Miss. and now calls Birmingham home.

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