The election deniers who want you to vote for them

Several of the candidates have shared the stage with a prominent QAnon influencer

After Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, some of his supporters formed the America First Secretary of State Coalition, an organization aimed at helping its candidates win the races for governor and secretary of state in their respective states.

Even though the basis for the group’s formation is skepticism about the integrity of our voting system, at least seven candidates with ties to the group have launched their own campaigns for public office.

Four of them have made appearances with prominent QAnon influencer Juan O Savin, according to the Daily Beast, which called the coalition a 2024 “master plan.” Winning those positions would mean having control over how important elections are run in those states. That includes voter ID laws, registering voters, licensing and how elections are supervised.

Even though they think that the election results were fraudulent, at least five of them posted on social media about heading to the polls or casting their ballots. Here are the seven candidates:

Running for Secretary of State:

Mark Finchem, Arizona.

Kristina Karamo, Michigan.

Jim Marchant, Nevada.

Diego Morales, Indiana.

Audrey Trujillo, New Mexico.

Running for Governor:

Kari Lake, Arizona.

Doug Mastriano, Pennsylvania.

Christopher Harress

Christopher Harress |

Climate change reporter on the east and Gulf coasts.

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