Talladega College to be the second HBCU with a gymnastics team

A second HBCU gymnastics squad will soon be competing on the national stage.

This summer, Talladega College in Alabama will launch a women’s gymnastics team, joining Fisk University as the only two HBCUs in the nation with gymnastics programs. The formation of the Talladega team this Jan. 14, came with the help of Brown Girls Do Gymnastics (BGDG), an advocacy group that supports athletes from Black and brown communities, that helped start Fisk’s program.

“This historic moment will have a lasting impact. Establishing a women’s gymnastics team at Talladega College will expand opportunities for HBCU student-athletes to compete in a rewarding sport that fosters discipline, confidence and success,” said Talladega President Gregory J. Vincent in a press release.

In partnership with BGDG and the HBCU Gymnastics Alliance, Talladega is working to develop its gymnastics program ahead of their hosting the 8th Annual BGDG Conference, scheduled for July 18 – 21, 2024.

“While there are over eighty intercollegiate women’s gymnastics teams in the nation and many gymnastics clubs, Talladega will be one of only two HBCU teams,” Talladega Vice President and Athletic Director Michael Grant mentioned in the press release. “Having a team will give our athletes greater visibility and recognition.”

Keep following Fisk Universities gymnastics schedule as more HBCUs join the national stage.

Alexis Wray

Alexis Wray |

I report on HBCUs and Blackness, working to introduce voices and perspectives of students, alumni and community members that amplify the experiences of Black life on and off campus.

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