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If you’re a long time Reckon fan, you probably know the Reckon Report as a portal to the best of Reckon every week.

We’ve grown a lot and added exciting new ways for you to read our work. We’ve added a daily reporting team to cover the news most important to our readers.

We introduced Matter of Faith, a newsletter about the intersection of faith, sex and politics — three subjects that you’re not supposed to discuss at the dinner table.

We added Reproductive Justice with Becca Andrews, who guides us through conversations about abortion and family through a lens of reproductive justice, a concept pioneered by Black women.

Plus, Black Joy now has a team highlighting inspirational stories about African American communities across the U.S., including with all-new social accounts on Instagram and TikTok.

With all these new ways to get involved with Reckon, we wanted to refocus the Reckon Report.

As of April 11, the Reckon Report now focuses on one important story, and give you the tools to be smarter on the issue and offer resources on how to learn more or get engaged.

Guided by Reckon’s Newsletter Strategist Aria Velasquez, each Reckon Report newsletter will do five things:

  • Define the issue
  • Provide historical context
  • Tell you why it’s important
  • Introduce you to the people engaging on the topic
  • Provide ways for you to get involved

We hope that you find this format helpful and share with your friends.

Feel free to message Aria at with your recs for a subject for a future Reckon Report. And as always, my inbox is open to your questions and ideas at

R.L. Nave |

Ryan "R.L." Nave is Reckon's editor-in-chief. He has been a journalist in St. Louis, Mo; Springfield, Ill.; Seattle, Wa; Boulder, Co.; Jackson, Miss. and now calls Birmingham home.

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