black joy newsletter

Black Joy

Back in February 2017, reporter Starr Dunigan wrote a series of stories about Black folks doing positive things in their communities. From a nonprofit teaching children and teens to fight the violence of the streets through poetry, to the brothers who wouldn't let their autism define them, Starr wanted the world to see the melanin-coated magic.

That idea has grown over time. In fall 2020, Reckon began a weekly series highlighting the liberative power of Black Southerners experiencing joy by expressing their full selves. This newsletter continues that evolution.

We know that reveling in the joy that oppressive forces in the South have always tried to strip away from us is an act of defiance and, therefore, liberation.

They're the stories of young organizers taking back political power. They're images of queer folks demanding to be seen. It's the music that just makes us feel better after a week of enduring microaggressions and community trauma.

We will collect these and deliver them to you every week.

Let's get free.