We each can relate to being “honey'd,” be it a patronizing courtesy or an insincere blessing.

Southern women are associated with the sticky sweet nectar of honeycomb in a way that often disconnects us with the multitudes in which we contain.

Each week, Abbey Crain's affirmations and understanding land in your inbox, wading through the news and points of view that recognize the unique experience of living in this region, while also celebrating wins for the girls, gays and theys of the South.

Honey aims to help women and LGBTQ individuals in the South feel more informed and free to talk about things our mothers shushed us for.

We know that despite being the gayest part of the country, the South's LGBTQ history is overlooked for the flashier communities of the coasts.

And our bodies are legislated while held in the highest regard and often criticized against antiquated standards.

Honey talks about the history holding us back, the issues we were told to whisper about and the people leading the way.

Honey's for us.

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