Southerners share their post-election hopes, fears and visions

No matter who wins on Tuesday, the future of the South will be shaped by you.

This season on the Reckon Interview, we’ve focused on the movements that have changed the South. And the nation. On the eve of the election, we decided to ask people around the South three questions:

  • What’s something you hope happens next year?
  • What’s something you hope never happens again?
  • What does the South look like in four years?

You can read some of their thoughts below and listen to their full answers here.

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Whitney Miller-Nichols | Educator

Courtney Campbell | Social Worker

Devon Frazier | Founder, Non-profit

Darius Williams | Cybersecurity

Kyle Buchanan | Hospital President

To hear more about the future of the South, listen to the full episode here.

Reckon Interview Season Three

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